December 28, 2005


So I haven't posted in over a month on here. I know. But no one ever reads this blog anymore, and now, the one good person that I met on here seems to have forgotten completely about me even though I've seen her on AOL many times between the last time I posted and now. I noticed she posted on her blog today and I posted a comment on her MySpace page after I found out that she had finally put me on her Top 8 on there (I never really noticed that before).

But anyways, Jeanie, if you're reading this (which you probably won't do since you're too busy and all with other things), I just wanted to let you know I'm still around here and I miss talking to you. Why don't you ever talk to me on AOL anymore? :(

November 19, 2005

Jeanie made me post this because she posted it on her blog and thought it was cool, so here it is:

Directions: Go to Google Images and search for the place you were born with out quotations and pick your favorite picture. Here is mine...

Now search for where you live now. Here's mine...

Now search your name, with no quotes! Here is mine...

Now do your grandmother's name...

Now search for your favorite food... here is mine...

Now you need something to drink...

Search for your favorite smell... here is mine...

Now the hard one... Your favorite song...

Can you guess what mine are?

1. I was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
2. I live in Trumann, sucks...
3. My name is John. So here's a pic of JOHN Lennon...
4. My grandma's name has something to do with Rebecca de Mornay. My grandma's name is Mornay... =P
6. Dr. Pepper! You make the world taste better!
7. AXE body spray and body wash is the shiznit, yo.
8. "Blue Monday" by New Order...that song is DOPE!

There ya go, Jeanie...I'm DONE!!!!



P.S. -- My birthday is next Saturday, as if anyone CARES...

November 05, 2005

I've been humbled...

I should have posted this a couple of days ago...but, as always, I PROCRASTINATED, so I might as well post it now, seeing as though, I have some BIG TIME crow to eat served by a co-worker tomorrow...

My friend Anthony and I made a $5 wager on the Virginia Tech/Miami football game that took place earlier tonight. We also decided on some extra incentives on the bet to make things more interesting:

If Virginia Tech wins and QB Marcus Vick has a TD run of 20 yards or more, I get an extra $5 bonus to make it $10 for me.

But, if Miami wins and the Hurricanes defense can hold Marcus Vick to under 150 yards passing, Anthony gets an extra $5 bonus to make it $10 for him.

And as you can see by the title of the post, well, I lost... Not just by the result of the game, but on the incentive as well...

Final score:

Miami 27, Virginia Tech 7

Well, that was minus $5 for me... But, oh no, it gets WORSE...

Marcus Vick's stats:

8-of-22 passing, 91 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs
15 carries, 17 yards, 1 TD (2 yard run), 4 fumbles LOST

And that my friends, makes me $10 lighter... I'll be a man about it and pay him, but I DO take solace in the fact that Anthony's beloved Florida State Seminoles LOST TO NORTH CAROLINA STATE! That will take away the sting of being humbled and forced to eat a big plate of crow.

Well...that's that... Anyways, I'm off to bed.


October 25, 2005

Lookie at muh early b-day gift!

^^^ my 1998 chevrolet cavalier

^^^ another shot of it

Now, I KNOW it's not "brand spanking new" in that mom and I basically went out on a whim to get it...$300 down, $130 every two weeks (which I pay in full), and $394 every 6 months for insurance (which my mom will help me take care of). The car is in MY NAME and my name ONLY. Yay! :D I'm so responsible! lol!

The only downside today for me is that I had to almost clean out my funds by getting $200 out of my checking account and letting my mom spot me the other $100. I'm planning on getting a CD player for my car with my next check in addition to making my first payment on it.

The good thing about it is, is that I can trade it in at anytime if I see a better car as long as the first one is in good shape...which is a GOOD thing, seeing as that there were only FOUR cars out at this small dealership counting the Cavalier. The car payments aren't that bad for me, I can handle those... The insurance isn't half bad either. All in all, my early b-day gift is GREAT! (no X-Box for me, but I can PROBABLY talk my mom into getting me a Gamecube, too, since it's only $99 ;D)

Anyways, later.

I'm so happy! :D Yay!

October 06, 2005

Man it's been a while...

...a REALLY long while... I finally decided to switch back to updating on here rather than through FTP. But then again nobody decided to take a look at THAT, so I just decided "the hell with it" and went back to this... Besides, the server where I put this blog on screwed up yesterday, so I HAD to switch back...

Enough of that bullshit.

You'll know that I've neglected to post any Grid Picks picks of mine in the last two weeks. This is because nobody seems to care (especially one person I know - the only other person besides me who reads this), so I just decided "FUCK IT" and stopped posting them.

I've been hanging out on MySpace lately. My page is right here. I'll continue to go between here and there because MySpace seems pretty cool.

I opened a checking account at my bank a couple of weeks ago, so now my paycheck are directly deposited in there. :) Yay me. I'm actually responsible, but if only I could stop PROCRASTINATING, I'd be set...

So I guess I ought to go for now. I'll find a better template for this blog and get this thing going again like I used to have it.



September 12, 2005

Jonesboro Sun Grid Picks Week 3 (September 12 - September 18)

My picks for Week 3:

1. Poplar Bluff, MO over Jonesboro by 6 points
2. Nettleton over Westside by 7 points
3. Paragould over Trumann by 17 points
4. Hoxie over Harrisburg by 14 points
5. Wynne over Pine Bluff Dollarway by 14 points
6. Oklahoma State over Arkansas State by 21 points
7. Southern Cal over Arkansas by 21 points
8. Florida State over Boston College by 14 points
9. Vanderbilt over Ole Miss by 9 points
10. Georgia over La. Monroe by 24 points
11. Auburn over Ball State by 17 points
12. Miami over Clemson by 10 points
13. South Carolina over Alabama by 7 points
14. Middle Tennessee over Akron by 10 points
15. Florida over Tennessee by 10 points
16. La.-Lafayette over Northwestern State by 6 points
17. Tulane over Mississippi State by 8 points
18. Missouri over Troy by 21 points
19. Notre Dame over Michigan State by 14 points
20. Kentucky over Indiana by 7 points
21. Minnesota over Florida Atlantic by 45 points
22. North Texas over Tulsa by 6 points
23. Texas over Rice by 42 points
24. Oklahoma over UCLA by 13 points

My tiebreaker is Minnesota over Florida Atlantic by 45 points.


September 11, 2005

Grid Picks Week 2 Results

Week 2 record: 18-6 (.750)
Year to date record: 35-12 (.744)

Missed picks:

Michigan/Notre Dame
Iowa/Iowa State
La.-Lafayette/E. Michigan
Boise State/Oregon State

Point spreads covered:


September 05, 2005

Jonesboro Sun Grid Picks Week 2 (September 5 - September 11)

My picks for Week 2:

1. Wynne over Jonesboro (-9)
2. Pocahontas over Nettleton (-17)
3. Highland over Westside (-10)
4. Rivercrest over Paragould (-12)
5. Hoxie over Trumann (-7)
6. Arkansas State over Tennessee-Martin (-8)
7. Arkansas over Vanderbilt (-10)
8. Auburn over Mississippi State (-10)
9. Georgia Tech over North Carolina (-12)
10. Georgia over South Carolina (-9)
11. Florida over Louisiana Tech (-20)
12. North Texas over Middle Tennessee (-17)
13. Alabama over Southern Mississippi (-10)
14. UAB over Troy (-6) - one pick that could cause problems...
15. LSU over Arizona State (-10)
16. Michigan over Notre Dame (-10)
17. Iowa over Iowa State (-14)
18. La.-Lafayette over E. Michigan (-7) - another problematic pick
19. Texas over Ohio State (-12)
20. Oklahoma over Tulsa (-24)
21. Texas Tech over Florida International (-35) - my tiebreaker
22. Wyoming over La. Monroe (-13)
23. California over Washington (-21)
24. Boise State over Oregon State (-10) - my last problematic pick

September 04, 2005

Grid Picks Week 1 Results

Week 1 record: 17-6 (.739)
Year to date record: 17-6 (.739)
Missed picks:

Paragould/Greene County Tech
Pittsburgh/Notre Dame
Texas A&M/Clemson
Auburn/Georgia Tech

Point spreads covered:

Missouri over Arkansas State by 27 points (44-17)
Wisconsin over Bowling Green by 14 points (56-42)

August 29, 2005

Jonesboro Sun Grid Picks Week 1 (August 29 - September 4)

Guess what time it is, folks? You guessed it, it's Grid Picks time around here once again. Unlike last year, I actually have a job, and I don't have to mail my picks in like last time. I got off work just while ago and turned my picks in to the Jonesboro Sun office itself. Heh. I think I may have been the first one to do so today...probably this season! If I don't win, "pissed off" will be a HUGE understatement to how I'll feel... I know, I know, it's the first of 12 Grid Picks contests this year, but still... I'm taking the initiative in all this, and I deserve to be rewarded for it next Tuesday when I read the sports section of the newspaper and find out that I won the $50 prize for winning Week 1 of Grid Picks...

Anyways, I recorded my picks on two small pieces of note paper at work this morning which I'm transferring onto here. Like last year, I'm predicting point spreads for all the games, not just for the tiebreaker. It's just to make things more interesting, even though it's not actually required in the contest except on the tiebreaker.

Enough of this are my picks for Week 1 with the point spreads:

(Games 1-5 are high school 6-24 are college games)

1. Jonesboro over Camden Fairview by 9 points
2. Trumann over Nettleton by 10 points (Trumann BETTER beat Nettleton this year...)
3. Pocahontas over Westside by 27 points
4. Paragould over Greene County Tech by 17 points
5. Hoxie over Walnut Ridge by 27 points
6. Missouri over Arkansas State by 27 points
7. Arkansas over Missouri State by 27 points
8. Pittsburgh over Notre Dame by 10 points
9. Tennessee over UAB by 21 points
10. Georgia over Boise State by 13 points
11. Florida over Wyoming by 24 points
12. Alabama over Middle Tennessee by 10 points
13. Mississippi State over Murray State by 7 points
14. Texas A&M over Clemson by 10 points
15. LSU over North Texas by 35 points ----------- game postponed due to Hurricane Katrina
16. Auburn over Georgia Tech by 10 points
17. Ohio State over Miami (Ohio) by 14 points
18. Wisconsin over Bowling Green by 14 points
19. Kansas State over Florida International by 13 points
20. Kansas over Florida Atlantic by 7 points
21. Oklahoma over TCU by 24 points
22. Texas over La.-Lafayette by 54 points
23. Colorado over Colorado State by 10 points
24. Southern Cal over Hawaii by 27 points

My tiebreaker pick this week is pretty much the biggest no-brainer on the list to choose a tiebreaker pick from...Texas over La.-Lafayette by a mind-boggling 54 points, which is the biggest point spread I've ever predicted on this contest. If Texas could manhandle North Texas 63-0 last year, imagine what they'd do to poor La.-Lafayette. I think maybe 54 points is being too lenient on them. North Texas would KILL La.-Lafayette by at least 4 or 5 touchdowns in the Sun Belt conference. Maybe I should have said 63 points, but I guess I was thinking that La.-Lafayette would bring their "A" game to the table and give an effort against the Longhorns and score some points. It probably wouldn't matter much against Texas even if the Longhorns only brought their "D-" minus game on the field. Oh well. I hope I do good...wait, I know I'll do good...I got confidence in my picks, but the ones that could surprise me are #8, #14, and #23. Gotta keep a watch out for them.

Anyways, later.